Benjamin Samama

Songwriting and Vocal Production Services

If you are interested in hiring me, please contact me directly.

My rates are as following:

1 - One on One skype mentoring session
         80$ per hour           

At Berklee College of Music these sessions were called "Directed Study". I would coach the students primarily on their songs, but we would also focus on their careers as musicians: how to navigate the music industry, get the right sound for your EP, get the right marketing strategy set up. Any question is a good question. The focus is on learning through personal attention.

2 - Vocal Production Services. 80$ per hour

I've been vocal producing for 5 years on a professional level.  Every gig is different, but most of the time this includes coaching the singer, engineering the vocal recording, comping and editing the takes, fixing timing and tuning in Melodyne, mixing the final vocal and sending stems to the track producer.

Recent releases with my vocal production: Dvbbs x Blackbear - IDWK, Mickey Valen - Meet Me ( ft NOE)


photos copyright: Joanna Karaman